How to Register for Online Slot Gambling and Get New Member Bonus

Maybe most of you already know that most online slot gambling sites now offer many bonuses for new members. Therefore, you as a bettor should be able to get the bonus when you want to register at one of the online slot gambling sites on the internet.

How to register to get the bonus is easy, want to know how? Read on until the end of this article because I will provide more information! Don’t miss anything.

How to Register for Online Slot Gambling Get New Member Bonus
Before I tell you how to register, you must first make sure that you have found an online situs bola 365 gambling site that provides new member bonuses. There are various kinds of bonus offers, some of which are only worth hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah with different terms and conditions of course.

While you usually only need to make your first deposit and get a few turnovers, the numbers are different. So it is highly recommended, if you can find a site that offers millions of bonuses on easy terms.

For example, on a site that has been playing for a long time, namely Copasport.

Registration is very easy, here’s how to register online slots:

Visit the Copasport site using your browser like chrome or whatever
Open the register menu at the very top of the site page to open the registration form
After the form appears, you only need to fill in all the required information such as name, mobile number and bank account with valid data
Don’t forget to double-check everything and make sure everything is filled in and the data is correct so that there are no problems in the future
If it is complete and correct, just click the ‘Register Now’ button to complete registration
After the registration process is complete, try logging in first using the username and password that has been created to make sure it is active or not. If so, go ahead and get the new member bonus offered by the site.

Get New Member Bonus After Sign Up
To make it easier to understand, I will give an example of getting a bonus on the site that I use as a place to play.
So there is a new member bonus of a maximum of 3 million, and the following are the terms and conditions:

Make the first deposit with a minimum deposit of 10k
Get a turnover of 3x from the total initial deposit
After the disbursement is complete, it can be done directly through customer service
Yes .. only have to do the 3 things above really.

The important thing is that you have to remember that turnover is calculated from the total first deposit, so for example 1 million means 3 million. Well, for more information, you can directly visit the official website, and ask CS if you have any questions.

That’s it for the article ‘How to Register for Online Slot Gambling and Get New Member Bonuses’, hopefully it will be useful. Happy Betting!