How to Withdraw RTG Slot Funds

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Congratulations on your victory after playing the trusted official online RTG slot in Indonesia, if you win, of course you will withdraw the trusted RTG slot at least 50 thousand. In order for the withdrawal process to be quickly entered into the account, then please contact the customer service on duty 24 hours non-stop via livechat and the available contacts.

Then, before making an online slot withdrawal, make sure the member has confirmed the Bank’s status, is it in a state of disturbance or offline? If the condition of the Bank is online or fine, then please immediately fill out the slot withdrawal form available on the main menu.

If you don’t understand how to fill out the online slot88 online withdrawal form, especially for those of you who are beginners, then please read the summary below.

How to Fill Out the Trusted RTG Slot Withdrawal Form

But even though it’s easy to do, we still provide a little explanation on how to fill out the online slot withdrawal form properly and correctly, as follows:

  1. User Name : The purpose of this column is your account ID, the ID will be entered automatically without having to be filled in
  2. Choose Your Bank: Choose the bank that the player registers on the Indonesian online slot site
  3. Bank Name : BCA
  4. Account Name : Wolexxx
  5. Account Number : 3245xxx
  6. Withdrawal Amount: Fill in the withdrawal amount desired by the member, but it must be above the predetermined minimum withdrawal amount and the balance must be sufficient.

It’s easy, don’t fill in the official RTG slot withdrawal form, if you want to try please register first, make a deposit, play until you win, then you can withdraw the slot.

Obstacles When Withdrawing Funds ️

Before making a withdrawal, we recommend looking at the offline Bank schedule which can be seen by bettors on the main website of the sport, or you can ask directly to the customer service on duty.

In order for the online slot withdrawal process to run smoothly without any obstacles, because in making a withdrawal there are always obstacles that slow down the process of withdrawing funds such as the points below:

  • Bank is experiencing disruption/offline
  • Invalid account name and account number registered
  • Make a withdrawal below the specified minimum withdrawal
  • The amount of filling out the withdrawal form does not match the amount of funds in the account

Those are some important points that you should know before withdrawing RTG slots on trusted online slot gambling sites in Indonesia. For more information about withdrawing official RTG slots of at least 50 thousand, you can contact our staff directly via livechat and the listed contacts.

That’s all we can say about the withdrawal of the official RTG slot of at least 50 thousand, if you want to win and make a withdrawal then please play the RTG slot game at Cupsport.