The Best Extra Juicy Slots Tricks

It seems that when talking about online gambling games, online slots or extra juicy slot machines are already familiar to the ears of the players. This is because this game is a game that can make you the most profitable in a short time. But of course before that you need to understand more deeply about the game, and you must have a way to win first, which we usually call online slot tricks.

Copasport is the right place for those of you who want to find online slot tricks, here is also a lot of information about the latest slot games, so you can take advantage of the information provided and play games that are more or less suitable for you.

The most recommended online slot99 online games are games from Pragmatic Play Indonesia. because games from these platforms are able to provide sensational wins more easily than games from other platforms.

Incidentally, Pragmatic Play also collaborates with 12BET Indonesia, which is of course an official partner of the Sport Cup, so you don’t have to doubt the truth of the information from this site. you can enjoy the game that we will discuss this time, namely Extra Juicy at one of the casino clubs.

We will give you a complete Extra Juicy slot trick from Club Casino Cupsport here, for that you must follow it to the end.

Complete the Extra Juicy Slot Trick at Cupsport
In detail, this game has a size of 3×5 with 10 paylines, and there is a free spin feature and a scatter symbol as a race to bring up free spins and big wins. For those of you who are not familiar with the Extra Juicy game, check out the 12BET Indonesia Extra Juicy Slot Review. The following is an online slot game
trick , Exra Juicy from 12Bet Indonesia at the casino club.

Use the Quick Play Feature
Of course using the quick spin feature is a better choice than you using turbo spin, these two features are always available in every Pragmatic Play game, but you should know that turbo spin is used in games that only need to find normal wins, if fast spin is used to a game where wins are bigger when earned in Free Spin mode.

Play 8 Games Without Autoplay
This is what you have to do if you want to make big profits. Its function is to make it easier for the scatter symbol to come out, so the chances of winning are greater. You must take advantage of the available stop button, as soon as you see the scatter symbol pass you, you must immediately stop the spinning wheel.

Set Auto Spin To Number 50
In this game it is highly not recommended to use a lot of auto spins, because this game has a fairly high minimum bet of IDR 10,000, so of course you will be very burdened in terms of capital, for that we recommend playing slowly, because the key to success is at all times. moment. online game is patience.

That’s all the 12BET Indonesia Extra Juicy online extra juicy slot trick at QUARTZ complete from Cupsport that we can provide for you, hopefully this information is useful for you. For those of you who want to enjoy this game on Copasport, but don’t have an account at 12BET Indonesia yet? Relax, you can click the REGISTER menu.